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Most of our customers know they want to transform and enhance their home with a granite or marble surface, but many of them aren’t sure of the process. Why do I have to go to a showroom like Arizona Tile? Do you take care of the plumbing? How long will I be without a kitchen? These are all typical questions that this Granite/Marble Installation Process guide should answer. You can also read our Kitchen Install Case Study, Bathroom Remodel Case Study or our Patio Tile Case Study for more answers.

Granite/Marble Installation Process – Step by Step

1. In-home Consultation & Estimate

In-Home ConsultationOne of our Estimators will come to your home and talk through your ideas with you. They will draw out a project diagram and take measurements so we can establish the square footage of the job, and therefore how much material will be required. The estimate will contain an ‘average’ price for the amount of material you choose – granite, marble or manufactured stone within a certain pricing band.





2. Select Material

Distributor ShowroomYou will then head to a distributor showroom to pick out the actual slab(s) to be used in the install. We can meet you at the distributor to help you with the process, or you can choose to go on your own. Once you have chosen the slab(s), you give them our name as your fabricator, and they will reserve the slabs and contact us for delivery to our shop.






3. Template Creation

Template CreationAn associate will come to your home to template the project. These templates are plywood frames that we put together that allow us to work together in Step 4 (optional) to pick out the areas of the slab(s) that we will use for counters, islands, vanities, table tops etc. We will also discuss the sink options, backsplash options, the edge profile (eight to choose from) and all the final details (overhang, window seals, etc.)





4. Template Layout

Template LayoutThis is an optional step for you as the customer. Some of our customers like to be involved in every step, others don’t. It’s up to you! We will use the templates to map out the slabs, highlighting areas that we definitely want to use in certain areas of the surface,  or areas we want to avoid.

This aids the fabrication process, giving our fabricators in the shop a ‘map’ to work from.





5. Installation Day Preparation

Installation Day PreparationIn advance of our installation crew’s arrival, clear the counters and remove the top drawers from the cabinets. Also empty the cabinet under the sink. Be sure to store any cleaning fluids or chemicals that you remove safely out of reach of children and pets. You do not need to empty all the cabinets, although it might be an idea to cover the contents with dust sheets. Removing the old counters can create dust. If you are taking the opportunity to install new faucets, soap dispensers, RO etc., please make sure these accessories are on site.






6. Installation

Installation DayYou will be given an arrival time to expect our two or three man crew. They will remove the existing counters and install the new surfaces. All solid surfaces will be sealed on the day of install.

As a guide, a regular kitchen install can take 3-6 hrs and a vanity install can take 2-4 hrs. We will typically coordinate a plumber to come out the following day to reconnect the faucet(s), sink, waste disposal, dishwasher, etc. Our crew can disconnect plumbing fixtures, but we can provide a licensed plumber to come out to reconnect the plumbing (plumbing fees are not included in the estimate).




Gene & Sandy
We are completely pleased with the outstanding workmanship, finished product, cost and all faucets of the kitchen work you folks have recently completed for us. Prior to this major task, you had redone master bath, utility room countertops, a myriad of outside patio furniture table tops, and all with the same level of skill and competence. Please don’t hesitate to use us as a reference.
Christine & Rick
Francisco was very helpful and provided great care and service for this job, he was so easy to work with. The installation team: Jose, Francisco Sr., and Angel were awesome!!! They did such a great job installing our granite. They answered all of our questions and made sure everything was perfect. You are a great company to work with, very professional & friendly and of course knowledgeable !

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