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Marble is another beautiful material that will add elegance to your home. Marble is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals, most commonly calcite or dolomite. Limestone, a sedimentary form of calcium, undergoes intense heat and pressure within the earth to be formed into marble.

Install Marble In Your Bathroom

Marble in Bathroom The main reason that granite is a more popular choice than marble for kitchen countertops is that marble can be stained by certain liquids even after it has been sealed. Obviously a kitchen counter or island has the potential for spills and drips that could discolor the surface, which is why marble is more often used in bathrooms, on the walls, in showers, floors, tub decks, vanities or shelf mantels.

Marble is more porous than granite which is why it is more easily stained and damaged by types of acid (including citric acid from lemon & limes), heat, or even water if it gets into cracks or seams.

That’s why, for high intensity use areas like kitchen countertops, we recommend granite over marble as it will hold up better over time; granite is a more durable stone in a kitchen environment. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t choose marble for your kitchen, many customers do, but it just means taking more care in your everyday use, and doing more maintenance.

For marble surfaces, we recommend resealing them at least twice a year, while for granite resealing is required only once a year (note – the frequency at which you need to reseal depends upon how heavily the surface is used).

Marble In Your Home

  • Marble is a natural stone, and can be a beautiful alternative to granite in the right environment.
  • Polished or honed marble is more suited to areas of the home with less traffic, like bathrooms.
  • It is less durable, more porous, and has a softer surface than granite.
  • Often used for vanities, tub decks, shower walls and flooring in bathrooms.
  • Marble creates a light, elegant and unique look.

Due to its porous, softer, less durable characteristics, marble isn’t well suited to outdoor use in Arizona.

Marble Colors

Marble Bathroom SinkWhy not take a look at a selection of marble colors online using the links below to some of our partner showrooms. But, just as with granite, you can only get a true feel for the variety out there by visiting a showroom in person and seeing what’s available on that day.

Marble Edge Profiles

We have a number of ‘edge profiles’ for you to choose from to add a custom finishing touch to your counter, vanity or island. Take a look at the edge profile sheet, and discuss the options with our team. Download Edge Profiles

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Thank you for the beautiful job you did on our granite countertops. We think you are amazing ~ specially after seeing the slabs & then seeing the finished product in our kitchen. You were so kind and patient. We would gladly & proudly recommend you, Edgar.
Jane & Dave
We had talked to three other fabricators as well as Francisco and even through two were less expensive, we chose your company. We knew Francisco had integrity and the job would be done perfect!!! And it was, we would highly recommend your company.