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When you’re choosing the material for your home improvement project, it’s important to have all the facts. Granite, Marble and Man-Made Stone all have pros and cons for different applications.

Granite is an igneous, magma-formed rock and is generally made up of quartz, feldspar and mica. It’s the different combinations of these minerals, plus others present in varying amounts, that give each slab its own individual color, veining and crystallization patterns.

If you’re interested in learning how the stone gets from the mountain to your home, watch this video, produced by our partners, Cactus Stone.

Install Granite Counters In Your Kitchen

Granite KitchenGranite is the hardest of all natural stone countertop materials. It is more resistant to etching, staining, scratching and heat than marble, which is why it’s a popular choice for kitchen counters and islands.

Granite kitchen countertops are affordable, elegant and durable; and thanks to nature’s bounty, there’s a huge choice of natural colors and unique patterns to suit every taste.

Granite kitchen countertops are also a wise investment for homeowners; they are one of the few improvements that can actually add value to your home.

A beautiful and functional kitchen adds more value to any house, not to mention that it makes cooking a far more enjoyable experience!


Granite In Your Home

  • Granite is one of the hardest and most durable surfaces available.
  • It is one of the most non-absorbent, stain resistant materials; a feature that is enhanced once the granite is sealed.
  • It is more heat resistant than other surfaces, such as laminate and quartz.
  • Often used in kitchens for counters, islands, and decorative accents, granite can also be used for cladding and floors, for bath surrounds, and other interior applications.
  • It is easy to clean; it ranks first in tests for reduction in bacteria after washing and rinsing.
  • Arizona Granite is an experienced granite fabricator of kitchen counters & islands, bathroom & shower remodels, vanities, fire mantels, bars, BBQs and tables.

While granite can be used for exterior applications such as bars and BBQs, we don’t recommend it here in Metro Phoenix. Our extreme heat can damage the finish and the sealant, and can lead to fading and possible cracking.

Granite Colors

Granite Kitchen CounterGranite is available in a wide range of ‘colors’, ‘designs’ and ‘patterns’. While those are words our customers commonly use, they really aren’t correct as they suggest a human influence. As granite is a product of nature, each slab is unique in color and appearance.

Check out some sample slabs in our granite colors gallery; because each slab is unique, a key part of our process is having you visit one of our partner showrooms to pick out the actual slabs we will use in your installation.

Granite Edge Profiles

We have a number of ‘edge profiles’ for you to choose from to add a custom finishing touch to your counter, vanity or island. Take a look at the edge profile sheet, and discuss the options with our team.

Download Edge Profiles

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Michael & Kathleen
My wife and I wanted to write to let you know of the exemplary help and quality service you and your company provided for us. After our first fabricator didn’t live up to the quality standards that he claimed to have or even try to correct the mistakes he made. You and your team really came to the rescue! Our kitchen is now functional and very beautiful. We are so grateful for your experience, quality of workmanship and a job well done! You and your company undoubtedly care about your customers and we wanted you to know how impressed we are. We have no hesitation in recommending your company to others. Thank again…..